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Help Section


You may review these quick solutions before requesting further help:



I can't open the iTVmediaPlayer file.  What should I do?
First of all, if you downloaded iTVmediaPlayer and are using Windows® XP or an older system, you must first unzip the downloaded file. You'll need to use an unzipping software such as WinZip®. If you're using a newer system, you can skip this step.
In order for the application to load, you may need the latest .Net framework from Microsoft® ( -- iTVmediaPlayer requires .Net Framework 2.0 (at least) or later version. Some older systems--such as XP or older--work better with .Net 2.0 or 3.0 (not so well with 3.5 or 4.0.) If that does not correct the problem, then it is very possible that your operating system may be experiencing software-related malfunctions. In that case, you may contact (or any other provider) for technical support with your machine. is a third-party technical support provider.



I need a re-download (I can't find the downloaded file)

If using a Windows System, all downloads go to your "Downloads" folder, under the same directory as your "My Documents" folder, by default. You can also change where you receive your downloaded files through your browser's settings (if you prefer to get all of your downloads to your Desktop, instead). There are several ways to download your iTVmediaPlayer, after purchase: 1) After payment, you were supposed to have been automatically redirected to a “Thank you” page, where a download link would have been present. (In some situations, the user has to click the "Return to BitMar Networks" option; if not automatically redirected.) 2) After payment, an email was also sent to you with a download link (check your spam or junk folder, if necessary.) The download link is only good for 24 hours. If your download link expires, request another one, by clicking on the link at the bottom of the email. 3) If you downloaded to the wrong machine, you can generate yourself a re-download; by opening an already-running iTVmediaPlayer and clicking on the "Devices" option, on top. Then, open that email from the machine you would like to install to.



I am having issues verifying my account

It is very possible that your verification email may be in stuck in your “Spam” or “Junk” email folder. Please check there. If so, please add our email address to your safe/authorized sender list, by editing your spam/junk filter settings.



I can't log in to my account

This happens when the Cookie security settings, on your Internet browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, etc.), are set too high. To fix this, simply go to your browser settings and lower your settings to allow all Cookies. Internet Explorer: Settings, Internet Options, "Privacy" tab, lower lever to "Accept All Cookies". Google Chrome: Settings, Show advanced settings, Privacy, Content settings button, check "Allow local data to be set".



Do I have to buy anything else in order to access the TV channels?
No. Absolutely not. All that you need is our software and an internet connection. All additional gadgets (to connect to TV and/or external sound system) are completely optional.



Is iTVmediaPlayer legal?
Yes. iTVmediaPlayer is completely legal, according to FCC regulations.



Are there any additional, hidden fees or recurring payments?
No. However, there are a few (completely optional) paid and on-demand services available through iTVmediaPlayer: such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO, etc. Most of the channels and on-demand movies, however, are already included, at no additional charge -- including latest movie releases.



Is iTVmediaPlayer only available in North America?
No. Our software contains TV channels from over 120 different countries.



What type of live sports can I view?
You can watch baseball, football, soccer, basketball and many other sports.



Which TV channels are included with iTVmediaPlayer?
To view a channel list, please click here (opens new window)



When will I receive my iTVmediaPlayer?
You will get the software instantly, in the form of a download. You will be able to start enjoying your iTVmediaPlayer within seconds.  



Is iTVmediaPlayer compatible with my system?

iTVmediaPlayer is compatible with all Windows PC and Android devices (including smart phones and tablets) and can even connect to your home TV (learn more below.)



Will I be able to use iTVmediaPlayer on my regular TV?
Yes. Simply click on the "Tools" option and choose the "Connect to TV" feature. Follow the easy steps. Essentially, you will simply need to connect the device running iTVmediaPlayer to your TV -- either your smartphone, tablet or computer. You have several connecting options: HDMI, VGA or S-Video cables, and wirelessly.



In how many computers or TV can I use iTVmediaPlayer?
You can use iTVmediaPlayer in as many computers as you want, simultaneously, even from one single account. However, to prevent illegal sharing, there is a limit of 25 locations, per day, from which you can use iTVmediaPlayer (tracking done by IP addresses). Once this limit is reached, your account may be temporarily inaccessible for 24 hours. This still allows a family of five to use iTVmediaPlayer from five different places, each, during the day.



I purchased more than one download (for several devices.) How can I redeem them?

If you already bought several downloads, simply refer to the email message you received when you placed the order; open it from each computer, and use the download URL therein.



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Help me understand iTVmediaPlayer
Unlike most TV systems, iTVmediaPlayer is an entire platform that provides access to many different TV sources. That includes TV networks and other services. The concept behind iTVmediaPlayer is that you literally have an entire universe of media content – from all over – at your fingertips. Due to its well-executed organizational structure, you may not realize that your iTVmediaPlayer is actually packed with over 200,000 channels, HD movies and shows – all securely filtered. That includes live and on-demand shows, movies, Web-based TV, free music and radio, among other freebies and tools – all in one single place. You can argue that it is possible to watch live and on-demand streaming, from many online sources, while using your Web browser. However, unlike just Web-browsing for content, iTVmediaPlayer is designed to be a secure haven of live and on-demand TV content. Our database contains only the top, premium (and secure) live and on-demand TV providers that meet our very-high standards. By getting iTVmediaPlayer, you have -- in theory -- hired us to fetch and filter high-end TV content indefinitely for you. Please take into account that browsing the Web for premium TV content can be an extremely time-consuming endeavor that can come with its fair share of malware, junkware and viruses. And in some cases, you may even be legally liable for such activities if the TV source/s you are using are illegal. Unlike just Internet-browsing for content (which is not always a great experience), our service is the perfect place to get premium TV content; while remaining within the law and secured, all at the same time. In short words, we do all the leg work for you and spoon-feed you only the best of the best. With iTVmediaPlayer's universal and user-friendly interface (which always looks the same on every device), you will never have to jump through fire hoops ever again to watch premium TV programming. Instead, you simply fire-up the iTVmediaPlayer app, sit back and enjoy. So, what we offer is simplicity, quality, reliability, flexibility, mobility and peace of mind.




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