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What is iTVmediaPlayer?
iTVmediaPlayer is a premium TV software (or app) that provides you access to over 200,000 TV channels (live and on-demand) and millions of movies and shows, legally. It is compatible with all Windows PC, Android, Mac and iOS (iPads, iPhones) devices (including smart phones and tablets.) For a larger image, you can always connect your computer or device to your home TV, using an HDMI cable (not included) or by any other connection.



How does iTVmediaPlayer work?
iTVmediaPlayer aggregates premium TV content from thousands of different sources; including major TV networks, movie labels, affiliated TV stations, independent creators, TV streaming platforms, other TV content aggregators and other Cable and Satellite TV providers (no Cable or Satellite subscription is required on your end to operate iTVmediaPlayer.)



Is iTVmediaPlayer legal?
Yes. iTVmediaPlayer is completely legal, under FCC regulations.



Why is iTVmediaPlayer so affordable?
Because, technically, you are not paying directly for a TV service package. But, instead, for a Web-based software platform that offers TV service. Additionally, we monetize on all TV commercials that air from our iTVmediaPlayer apps. So, we pass on that discount to you.



What type of live sports can I view?
You can watch baseball, football, soccer, basketball and many other sports.



When will I receive my iTVmediaPlayer?
You will get the software instantly, in the form of a download. You will be able to start enjoying your iTVmediaPlayer within seconds.  



Are there any additional, hidden fees or recurring payments?
No. However, there are a few (completely optional) paid and on-demand services available through iTVmediaPlayer: such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO, etc. Most of the channels and on-demand movies, however, are already included, at no additional charge -- including latest movie releases.



Which TV channels are included with iTVmediaPlayer?
To view a channel list, please click here (opens new window)



Is iTVmediaPlayer only available in North America?
No. Our software contains TV channels from over 120 different countries.



Is iTVmediaPlayer compatible with my system?

iTVmediaPlayer is compatible with all Windows PC and Android devices (including smart phones and tablets) and can even connect to your home TV (learn more below.)



How will I be able to use iTVmediaPlayer on my regular TV?
Simply run the iTVmediaPlayer app on any connected device (like a computer, smart phone or tablet.) To connect your computer to your TV set, just open iTVmediaPlayer, click on the "Tools" option and choose the "Connect to TV" feature. Follow the easy steps. Essentially, you will simply need to connect the device running iTVmediaPlayer to your TV -- either your smart phone, tablet or computer. You have several connecting options: HDMI, VGA,  S-Video or wirelessly. Most TVs (manufactured within the last 25 years) support one or more of these options.



In how many computers or TVs can I use iTVmediaPlayer?
You can use iTVmediaPlayer in as many computers as you want, simultaneously, even from one single account. However, to prevent illegal sharing, there is a limit of 25 locations, per day, from which you can use iTVmediaPlayer (tracking done by IP addresses.) Once this limit is reached, your account may be temporarily inaccessible for 24 hours. This still allows a family of five to use iTVmediaPlayer from five different places, each, during the day.



What if I have any other questions?

Our customer support center is open 24 hrs, 7-days-a-week. You may also open your iTVmediaPlayer and click on the "Help" option.








Stop paying expensive, monthly TV bills...

iTVmediaPlayer is compatible with all Windows PC systems, Android devices (including smart phones

and tablets) and can even connect to your home TV. Unlimited customer support included.



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