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Legal Infringement Disclaimer



To the best of our knowledge, all of our platform's TV content comes from either their legal copyright owners (TV networks, distributors, affiliates and/or operators), as well as through third-party Stream Service Providers (SSPs) that enable content owners to stream their content through their own (SSPs') streaming platforms. We only list content SSPs that require some form of non-infringement agreements/requirements on behalf of their streamers (if third-party streamers are involved in their process). Even in cases where third-party streamers may be involved, since they have agreed to abide by the SSPs' non-infringement policies, we assume that all content being connected to from our platform is legal -- unless there's a copyright claim and that specific streamer is taken down by the SSP. We hereby officially deny any ownership and/or official affiliation with any third-party content provider/s and/or streamer/s. Therefore, we are not responsible for any content, inconvenience, financial loss and/or any other form of calculable or incalculable loss you may encounter as a direct or indirect result of using our platform and/or the misuse of others and/or any infringement claim that may arise as a result. Nevertheless, if you feel that any content accessible from within our platform may be infringing on your intellectual property, we strongly suggest that you get in contact with the source (either the SSP or the streamer.) Since we have no direct control over their streaming platforms, it is the SSPs' responsibility to investigate these cases and take action based on their findings. Thanks to our internal channel database infrastructure, you may rest assured that as soon as your efforts help remove the content from its source; that the content will become inaccessible from our end, as well. In short, since are unable to remove any individual content from our end, this is hereby our official endeavor to empower you to help remove any potentially infringing content accessible from within our TV platform.








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